Parade Application

Parade Date: Saturday June 8, 2019


Parade Line-up time: 11:30am-12:30pm at Rhapsody Square, out front of the Festival Gates.


Time: 12:45pm-1:15pm


Deadline to Apply: May 25, 2019


Theme: Power of Play


Call to Play!


Calling all role players, game players, dress-up play lovers, music playing fans, videogame players, sport playing people, playful adults and play-loving kids! The 2019 Interior Savings Fat Cat Parade wants you to let your playful side come to life as part of our celebration of the POWER OF PLAY.


This year, we are asking for a PEOPLE POWERED PARADE. This means, no motorized vehicles. Think dancing, bicycles, wagons, lots of costumes, and most of all, the fun of playing! The parade is your time to shine. Plan well in advance, think about what you are presenting, and if you need any help or ideas, reach out to us. We want this to be the best parade yet.


Interact with the kids. Use music. Create a memorable experience. Be imaginative. Embrace art.


Fees: $50 per entry, payable through PayPal

*please note that registered non-profits and public school groups are exempt of charge (proof of Society must be provided upon request)

To participate in the parade, please email Erin Scott at with your Name, Email, Contact Information, and what your group will be doing (include how many people are in your group).

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