How do I get tickets to the Fat Cat Festival?

  1. Early Bird online tickets are sold here! 

  2. Early Bird in person for Interior Savings members available at an Interior Savings Branch from April 1 - May 31

  3. Regular pricing online from May 15th-June 6th.

  4. At the door June 7th and 8th, 2019

How much do tickets cost?



Early Bird One Day Family Pass: $10 (family of 4)*

Admission at the gates: $5/person or $20/family (of 4)*


 Type                        Early Bird (until May 15th)                   Regular Price


Single Ticket                                                                             $5


Friday Family          $10                                                            $10


Saturday Family     $10                                                            $20


Full Festival             $15                                                            $25

Family Pass


Interior Savings      $10                                                            $15

Member Price 

(Until May 31 in-store



Upgrade (Saturday                                                                   $5 (door only)

entry w/ Friday tix)


Upgrade (extra                                                                          $5 (door only)

family member)


*Tickets are available at the door with cash or credit, there is no ATM on site

* All members of the family pass must enter the gates at the same time

* Children under the age of 2 are free admission

* Early bird tickets are only available until May 15th online

*Early Bird tickets available until May 31st in person at Interior Savings Credit Union Locations

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